3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is typically thought to be a way to relieve sore muscles. However, research has confirmed that massage therapy has a wide range of benefits ranging from relieving muscle pain associated with arthritis to reducing the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. Here are just 3 of the surprising facts about massage that you may not be aware of.

Beneficial for Blood Pressure

Research has shown that massage therapy reduces hypertension. It’s believed that massage helps to stimulate the pressure receptors that encourage action from the vagus nerve, which is the nerve that regulates your blood pressure and many other functions. Studies have shown that people who had regular massages showed a significant improvement in their blood pressure.

Improves Immune System

Studies have shown that people who frequently experience high levels of stress tend to get sick more often. When you combine stress with poor nutrition and a lack of sleep, your immune system’s ability to protect itself against infection and bacteria is significantly reduced. The good news is regular massage therapy sessions are excellent at relieving high levels of stress by increasing the release of a chemical known as cortisol, increaseing your immune system’s ability to kill off bad cells which lead to infection and sickness.

Reduce Pain

One of the best things about massage therapy is that you don’t have to massage the part of your body that hurts in order to relieve the pain. For example, if your lower back is hurting, massaging your shoulders can help to relieve your aching back. This is because during massage therapy a chemical change occurs that reduces pain and stress throughout your entire body.

Massage is an amazing restorative experience for your body. In fact, just a one-hour massage is equal to almost a full night of sleep. Feeding your muscle tissues with oxygen requires a great deal of energy; one hour a week of massage therapy can do this work for you, allowing you to have more energy and a healthier body.

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